Our Dancegroups

Children groups „Wippstertkes“ and „Kunterbunte Halverlei“

The „Wippstertkes“ are our youngest dancers. Starting at the age of 4, they

learn playful dances and songs with conductor Ulla as they take their first steps in the world of folk dancing.

The „Kunterbunte Halverlei“ are between 7 and 11 years old. The group is lead by Anna, Viktoria and Angelika.

Youth group „Kwirlefix“

The „Kwirlefix“ are a group of currently all female dancers between 12 and 17 years of age. Their conductors Anna-Sophia, Juliana and Lena enjoy coming up with new and challenging dances for their ensemble.

Adult group „Twerwind“

The dancers of „Twerwind“ are united by their love for folk dancing and have participated in many folk festivals together, abroad as well as domestic. The well-rehearsed team is led by Mats and Kathrin, who keep the dancers on their toes with their creative dance sequences.

Oldie group „Schüngeldraff“

„Schüngeldraff“ consists of the older members of our group, who naturally have not given up their passion for dancing. The conductor of this highly experienced group is Petra.


Our musicians Regina (accordion), Walter (guitar) and Otto (bass) make sure that our performances are as lively and vivid as they are. They also help us to stay in tune when singing. The trio has been with our group for a long time and have rightfully received praise far and wide.